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Saturday, February 07, 2009
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1:Besides your lips, where is your favourite spot to get kissed?
Anywhere so long it's from you.

2: How do you feel when you woke up this morning?
Just like every other morning; different from the past.

3: Who was the last person you took a photo with?
A trombonist at HongKong disneyland.

4: Would you considered yourself to be spoilt?
Somehow, no.

5: Would you ever donate blood?
Will if i have to.

6: Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Had and always will.

7: Do you want someone dead?
not at the moment. Grace of God.
8: What does your last text message says?
"WAHHYO, then don't need ask liao lorh, tuition,ten to twelve. JEE." - from whoever who always goes "JEE."

9: What are you thinking of right now?

10: Do you wish someone was with you right now?
Always had been.

11: What time did you go to sleep last night?

12: Where did you buy the t-shirt you're wearing now?
no idea.

13: Is someone on your mind right now?

14: Who was the last person who text you?

1.Qi En
7.Rong Da
10. Vivienne

Q:Who is 2 having a relationship with?
No. 1.

Q: Is 3 a male or a female?
Male Panda.

Q: If 7 and 10 get together, will that be a good thing?
They would be good sisters. Ok, I was just kidding.

Q: What is number 1 studying about?
How to spend Valentine's with No. 2.

Q: When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Some weekdays.

Q: Is number 4 single?

Q: Say something about number 2:
A lucky girl who got my buddy.

Q: What do you think about number 3 and number 6 being together?
No. 4 will emo

Q: Describe number 9.
A great friend you can't afford to lose.

Q: What will you do if number 6 and 7 fights?

Q: Do you like number 8?
Oh Kay bah. Would be a big "NO" if I were MeiPeng.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007
Happy Midnight!!
Happy New Day!!
Happy Saturday!!
Happy Birthday to mE~!!
Yehh!! Woots!!

Sincere thanks to Michelle, Iris and Soo Kai for the happy birthday. hahx. And thank Zoe for being extra down there... Hees... xDD

Special thanks to Michelle a.k.a. bolstergalz, Admin BoLsTeRz //\\ XYKoh, for your very much ENTHU birthday song over the phone, on msn and on the tagboard... -.-'' GRR...

Thanks Soo Kai for the many different language songs...-.-'' Thanks Kar Waii for your so very butterfly tattoos... >.< Hees... Thought that counts, eh?

Yaye. Ivan is happy. Ivan in good mood. Don't Dampen Ivan's mood. Yaye. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I LOVE HER. HEES. wEE~

`Thx Michelle for your birthday wishes and your song. ^.^
`Thx Iris for your birthday wishes and half the song. >.<
`Thx Soo Kai for your birthday wishes and your many language songs. o.0
`Thx Zoe for being there in the conversation. -.-''
`Thx you three for staying up til midnight. hees. ((=
`Thx Jonathan for your birthday wishes. ((:
`Thx Kar Wai for your butterfly tattoo. ><

{/Admin MeRcuwEE~`
{/Gan Jiu Ye`
{/Gan Ye Ye`

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Saturday, April 28, 2007
You guys (and gals...wadeva) must be honoured to see me post... hah! not funny...-.-''

Waa siianz la now all preparing for MYE... And because my father is angry with something I did, he wants me to go straight home after school ends... Haiiz... Crapp larhhx... TT

Anyways, anyone wanna go watch spiderman3?? 5thMay, Saturday?? I know got mid years la but also can distress mahhx... >.<

Aww man...TT Now only can hang out with fwens on MYE days... cos parents dunno early dismissal... >.< hah! xDD wEE~

Aniwaes please pay a visit to my class blog... Thx peeps! wEE~

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Sunday, April 01, 2007" method="POST">
Love'>">Love Calculator
Step 1
Your full name:
Step 2
Now, enter the names of your top 3 crushes and press continue to move onto the next step.
Crush 1:
Crush 2:
Crush 3:
to step three.

Believe it or not, there will be results

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Monday, March 19, 2007
Name 20 people right now.Don't look at the question(s) until you hav named the 20 people.

3]Yu Jie
4]Zheng Yu
9]Soo Kai
11]Rong Hao
16]Kar Wai
18]Yu Xiang
19]Ying Jie
20]Dan Ling

how did you meet 14? `when i came tuhh 1LoyaLTy '07.

what would you do if you didn't meet 1? `Regret living.

what if 9 and 20 dated? `Numbuh 6 will come after 20.

would 6 and 17 date? `Maybe, they certainly look like lesbiians. xDD

describe 3. `Short, cute, fun

is 8 attractive? `you gotta ask numbuh 14

describe 7. `MAD and CRAZY ROJAK SCREAMER! with those nerdy specs...=x *OWW* >.<*Hey, who hit me?!*>.<

what would you do if 18 confesses to you that he/she likes you? `Slap him hard in the face, squeeze his nipples, break his teeth and knee him in the groin.

what language does 15 speak? `Panda language

who is 5 going out wif? `her sisters

how old is 16? `12-13

when was the last time you spoke to 13? `In the Grand Audi during assembly

who is no. 2's favourite band or singer? `CCHMS concert band

would you eva date 4? `No way. He wants Numbuh 6

would you ever date 1? `HE's got a stead!! Nickii would kill me!! xDD

is 19 single? `should be. Targeted by 18.

what's 10 last name? `Tiong (:

hav you eva kissed 11? `No. He don't want. xDD

school of 3? `CCHMS.

where does 6 live? `Tampenis there

what's your favourite ting abt 5? `She's cute, loud and quite daring. Got character(:

have you seen 12 naked? `Nahhx.

What's the worst thing you said to 18? `Your whole family are sluts all have xxx with animals. //\\ I bet you cannot go to NUS high \\// Shut up la dropout. (Too many to name)


Name a friend whose name starts with an "S" `Soo Kai

4th person on ur missed calls `most likely some sun nu Admins or zheng yu

What did the last text message you received say? `ToTo results

Do you chew on ur straws? `sometimes

Do you hav curly hair? `n0

What's the nxt concert you are going to? `i've nvr been to a concert.

Who is the coolest person in ur life?Mervyn~!!

What words do you say alot? `wEE~ MeRcuRy MeRcuwEE~!! oHmYGoD oHmYTiian oHmYMeRcuRy oHmYMeRcuwEE~!! Rubbish la you~!! Aww fuck~!!

What's the last ting you ate hotdog? `15/3/07 NCC camp 2nd day breakfast and Zheng Yu stole half of it. >.<

What was the last ting you said n who was it to? `I chewing la!! (my food) to grandma

Do you watch TV? `DUH

Is marriage in ur future? `Yes, if someone ever wants me

When was the last time you said i love you and you meant it? `When I looked at her picture and said it. It's not kong hwa one, though.

What should you b doing right now? `Doing this quiz

Do you hav a nickname? `BroI //\\ MeRcuwEE~

Do you believe in love at first sight? `Yes

Who's the youngest in ur family? `mE

Are you a heavy sleeper? `Yes

you used a skateboard? `Yes

Where was the last place you slept besides your hse? `In the Grand Audi during assembly

Best movie you've seen in the past 2 wks? `sadly,i din go watch movie the past 2 wks.

Ever kissed a boi? `Yes

DONE! wah at last. but itx fun doing quizzes like these. hahas.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007
What you've been waiting for...

The NCC Nightwalk!!

NCC Part As and Part Cs combine. We fall in at the side entrance of the Grand Audi. I was partnering a Part A cadet called Rhine. Each pair went at intervals of ?? minutes and we told some jokes while waiting.

Yu Xiang didn't go. He said he was to scared to go for the nightwalk. So an I/C accompanied him to don't know where la. Then there was some drain there. I chanted,"小心走好, 不要跌倒, 跌倒会更好". And Yu Xiang fell! He stepped on the side of the drain's grate but luckily he was holding hands with the I/C, he didn't fall into the drain but he sprained his legs. Then because of that he went home. Lolx!! >.<>

So it's my turn! We were told to search every toilet on the 3rd floor of the D&T block. So I was walking in front and we reached the 3rd floor. Then as I turned right, an I/C grabbed my leg and BOO-ed mE. I had no reaction but then my heart started beating fast. Lolx. There were 2 other I/Cs beside him and one of them told me to call the one that grabbed my leg "ShitFace". LOLX!! Well being "Guai" and pleasant, I did not. xDD Instead I asked them, "I thought that we were supposed to search the toilets??" And they told me that they are the toilet managers. Right, so can I pee at your face?? -.-''

So we were told to proceed to the Canteen. T thought that there would be a scare there, but there wasn't. There was just an I/C who SEEMED to be out of position and could not scare us( I don't know ). He told us to proceed to the 3rd floor of the Sec 1 classroom block.

So there I went, with Rhine, and we walked like thieves looking at every corner. At the 3rd floor we waked through a corridor. All the doors were opened except one the class beside MD's. So I knew that there were people inside. So I just walked and someone threw paper at us. Then Rhine said,"Throw back la!!" Then the I/C came out and said, "You dare to throw?" Lolx. Never throw.

We were told to go to the street soccer court. Again us thieves proceeded with caution. When we reached the spot beside the tennis court an I/C flashed his torch and told us to hurry. So we entered the soccer court and there was a soccer ball beside the opposite goalpost. Then I told Rhine,"Careful, sure got people hiding beside the wall". And I was right!! I was told to take the soccer ball and go to the opposite side. Then when I took the ball, Seargant K.O. came from behind the wall and BOO-ed me. Then he said,"Wa lao eh why no reaction one. Not fun one la". Then they asked us to do 2 headers. ZzZ...-.-''

Then we proceeded to the grand audi, and there were no nothing on the way...-.-''

At the Grand Audi, there were many tables and chairs for the detention class. And there was this sliding door that the I/Cs had put up. Then I saw chairs behind the doors. Waa smart siia. We open the door they know we come. The chair screeched and echoed. Then as I walked to the front I/C Zi Xiang threw a basketball down. Lolx it hit the chair.

Then we proceeded to the hall. Rhine and I were discussing where to go at the left side when a sissy voice from the center told us to proceed to the stage. It's like a guy trying to speak like a girl, get it?? So I told Rhine to go from the right side while I go from the left. Then as I walked up the stairs, two I/Cs lying down in the hole in front of the stage rised up like zombies. Lolx. Then I went to the middle to the fan to get some air. Woo~!! Then no more scares le. We went to the concourse to wait for the Rest.
~ThE EnD~

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Friday, March 16, 2007
14 March 2007, Wednesday
(and I thought that it was the 13th!!>.<)

I was at home slacking around at 4.oopm++ when Zheng Yu called me and told me that the camp was today!! I thought it was Thursday!! And I was like, OMT~!! And then I STARTED packing EVERYTHING and my mom was nagging at me for not packing up earlier. Adding fuel to the flames man.

When I finished packing up it was already 4.30pm++!! oH mY TiiaN I 'm TERRIBLY HORRIBLY L,A,T,E, LATE!! For NINE9 HOURS SOMEMORE! The camp was at 7.30AM!! Ahhh~!!! T_T

After packing up I quickly "steal" some money and hurried down to take cab. xDD When I reached I didn't know when to fall in and I was using this crappy old phone (my mom was afraid that I would use my 850i) and forgot to copy contacts to SIM card!! T.T Then I climbed up to the 4th floor and I saw the CLT sir. He told me to fall in in front of the technical block. THANKS SIR! I OWE YOU ONE! xDD

So I rushed down with my bag and I/C Zi Xiang told everyone to wave to me. Zheng Yu was also there... Being "POLITE", I SMILED!! wEE~!! xDD Hahas then tio nagg by I/C ZX... He ask me give him one good reason why I was late and the reason cannot be the same as Zheng Yu's. Stupid Zheng Yu stole me reason!! YEO ZHENG YU ARGHHH~!! TT Then fall in lohhx... Then don't know wait for what la... And then don't know why Zheng Yu become I/C. Lolx play play de la... =.=''

Lunch TimE~!! The coucilor got the food and was doing the MAKAN cheer. Then we had to "HANDS OFF THE TABLE" til we get to eat. What the eff! Then we go wash hand one station by one station. ZzZ...-.-'' Then the food came and it was rice, chicken, potato and veggies. Crapp siia. Before eating we also need to do the MAKAN cheer. -.-'' Then forgot do what lerrx...

Then around evening or night we don't know waiting for what nothing to do our whole platoon go ka chiao people... YAY! aHGonG's favourite!! Then we run to the volleyball court where the councilors are... Then I/C ZX talk talk talk with them lohhx... Then do you people remember the BOTAK councilor? I/C ZX go grabb him and all of us crowd around him. Then I took off his shoe and THREW HE INTO THE AIR!! wEE~!! xDD I/C ZX let go of BOTAK and BOTAK shouted, "WHO TAKE MY SHOE?!?!" Then I quickly go take his shoe and pass it to I/C ZX and hide behind the crowd... Kekekex... xDD wEE~!!

Then I/C ZX ran around with his shoes and when to rest near the lake. And then he went back and say something to BOTAK then BOTAK took back his shoes and got a guy to follow him... Lolx I/C ZX trying to chase them away... xDD wEE~!!

Then we go parade square ka chiiao more people there... We ran around a quarter of the parade square where the other councilors were and "ACCIDENTALY" knock over all the cones... Lolx!! xDD Zheng Yu run in front and I was second, so I knocked down everything that Zheng Yu did not. LOLX IT WAS SOOO FUN!! xDD wEE~!!

Night snack!! Lol I never buy mug so I take metal mug. Lolx. Then we fall in in front of grand audi. Then two people one packet of milo. Wtf. Then I put too much water then I ended up drinking plain water.-.-''

Then nightwalk!! WooTs!! Whole camp only this one fun man!! We combine with the Part C (Sec 3 de. I'm Part A). The Part A partner with Part C. Leftover Part A partner one another. WiLL cover the nightwalk in another post. wEE~!!

15th Thurday 2007, Thursday

We had bread and peanut butter for breakfast. I had two servings. xDD Then the councilor kind kind, give the Part C some Bee Hoon. Then the Part C kind kind give us some. Actually only the I/C kind la. xDD Then station 1 and 2 dig here dig there wa lao ehhx... We, station 3 and 4, nothing to eat lerrx...

Then Part C I/C give us some more! WooTs! Then no chopsticks so all use hand to grabb. Kekex... xDD Then station 1 and 2 come and steal. Wa lao ehhx! Then one more plate plus half hot dog!! Then i grab and then Zheng Yu steal from me. Then we snatch snatch snatch then the hot dog both of us get half half. A quarter. YEO ZHENG YU AHH!! FIRST YOU STEAL MY REASON, NOW YOU STEAL MY HOT DOG!! TT (ooii not that hot dog down there la... xDD)

Then we go back bunk to change to full U. Then I realised that because of last minute packing, I FORGOT THE FREAKIN' BELT! Then my pants kept dropping sehhx!! I run also drop. Bang my feet also drop. Sob Sobx... ALSO DROP!! T.T

After that is practice followed by Provision C Test. We under I/C Kuan Yi and I/C Yuan Ji. Then cause Zheng Yu and I were late yesterday never learn so Kuan Yi taught us turning right, left and back and dismissal. My stupid pants keep dropping... T_T Then whenever I move I need to clutch my pants. TT

The Provision C Test I failed my hair check and fingernails check. SIIANZ LAHHS!! T,T Then the I/C buy my baret TOO BIG! So also fail. Then I was like, WHAT THE EFF LA!BARET ALSO NOT I BUY ONE! LIKE THAT ALSO FAIL ME! EFF SEHHS!! Cool... *Breaths deep* cool... T.T

After that we go soccer. And that, was the time when I found out that I cannot wEE~!! anymore!! OMT LA!! LOST MY VOICE!! NOO!! CANNOT CURSE ANYMORE!! T.T Piiangz why I so unlucky de... Late for camp, reason got stolen, hot dog got stolen (>.<), forgot my belt, failed hair and fingernails check, baret too big, and then during soccer I hurt my toe! OWW~!! T.T Siianz la...

Then no lunch because Mr. Gan order DINNER! mY Tiianz... Then we dismissed early cause I/Cs got remedial.


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You Are 40% Feminine, 60% Masculine

You are in touch with your masculine side.
You are not overly sensitive and not easily moved.
Occasionally, though, something will get through and touch your heart!
oH MyMeRcuwEE~!! s00 FemiNiNe! TT

Your Kissing Purity Score: 77% Pure

You've hardly ever been kissed

But the kisses you've given are very missed
MiSSeD? ZzZ...-.-''

You're Not Sarcastic At all

Sarcasm isn't for you, and you really don't appreciate it when people get their snark on.
You still have a great sense of humor. You just prefer a silly joke to a sarcastic one.
You sometimes have trouble knowing when people are mocking you. But you do know you don't like it!
ThiiSh iS s0 RighT.

Your Love Type: INFP

The Idealist

In love, you crave a long term, harmonious relationship.
For you, sex doesn't come quickly - it takes time for you to open up.

Overall, you are supportive, nurturing, and expressive.
However, you tend to be shy and protective of your personal space.

Best matches: ENFJ and ESFJ
iS ShE mY BesT MaTcH??

You Are 52% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.
Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.
You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.
Uhh... HuH??

You Will Be a Very Cool Parent

Maybe a little too cool, in fact.
You know that being a kid is tough, and you want to give your kids a ton of independence.
But there is a fine line between being understanding and rejecting all discipline.
You need to remember to be the parent, or else you'll let your kids rule your life.
aHH I'm RuLeD!! (@_@)

Your Japanese Name Is...

Ryuichi Ichijo
LoL!! xDD wEE~!!

4:28:00 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007

10 March 2007, Saturday

WenT To cHesTer's Bdae parTy. mY GoD I sTopped aT the wrong place in the end need to sit bus go bak. -.-'' Then when i reached the CONDO, Melville park, which i thought it was a park, i started asking directions for BLK 20. Then when i finally reach chester's house I settled down to watch Scary Movie 4 wiTh ThE ResT. Mervyn, Chester(duh), Richie and rong hao was already there. Then chester's relative started coming in and i waved hello to them. those freakin' idiots so rude they juz stare at me.=((

Then DaN LinG CamE wiTh KarWaii AnD aH ThaM And iT's TimE for BasKeTBaLL!! wEE~! wE play halfway NicKii CamE AnD MerVyn was RECHARGED!! xDD wEE~!! TheN RonG Ha0 ChaLLengeD MeRvyN TheN DuNNo Wh0 WiN Larhhs. But NoT important. happy can lerrs. >.<>

aFTeR ThaT SocceR TimE. ThEn They play with strangers but i dun like so i went up to chester's to get a drink. TheN ThE ResT WaTchEd WanG Zi BiaN QinG Wa while I siT oN ThE MaSSagE ChaiR!! xDD wEE~!!

aFTeR ThE SocceR Gayys (xDD) came backk wE watch TV awhile TheN go BBQ. EaTEaTEaT then go play BLOCK CATCHING! aHaHaHas soo FuN!!

wEwent to the game room and thr was this freakin' b!tch tell us lower down our volume. SHUT UP LA B1TCH! TheN wE watched rong hao, danling, nickii and mervyn play carrem ( or wadeva u call iT). Then some watch them play others watched chester and hao zhe play table tennis. Before wE go we OFF ALL THE LIGHTS and since that frackin' b1tch wants us to keep quiet, we all counted to 3 and SCREAMED AND SHOUTED AND RAN! wEE~!!

aFTeR that play truth or dare by the pool. Then the frackin' security guard keep telling uS to lower down our volume. TheN RonG Hao, KaRWai and Dan LinG kip geTTing...xDD

THEN KARWAI UNBUTTONED RONG HAO'S SHIRT!! WOOOT!! xDD wEE~! WooT~!! Then rong hao threw grapes and pineapples into the pool. then dan ling have to take out. then rong hao have to eat it! LOL!! WA SEHHS! RETRIBUTION!! xDD.

aFTer that go home lo...TT wEE~

12 March 2007, Monday

WenT to celebrate MicheLLe's bdae aT Tampenis wiTh Soo Kai, Iris, JoyceLyn, PearLyN AnD JiaEn. MeT aT PasTaManiia then they walk one big round go LJS then go back... -.-'' TheN They order things and FORCE ME TO EAT!! PooR aHGonG LeHHs...TT They ask me go on diet. Then I go on diet lerrs they force me to eaT!! T.T TheN EaT LeRRs sTomacHAchE...TT wEE~!! LooK aT ThaT Friggin' piece of PIZZA! TRYING TO FORCE IT DOWN MY THROAT LEHHS!
Those LiTTLe EviL NoTTy NoTTiEs...T_T

ThEn went to arcade. Wa LieW eHHs sEE JoycELyN and ESPECIALLY PEARLYN play car driving until face green green...-.-'' TheN I play house of the dead 2 so fast die... the gun spoil le la wa lao... wan shoot cannot shoot wan reload cannot reload...TT wEE~

TheN pEarLyN pLay house of the dead 2 WA LAO EH ANOTHER FACE GREEN GREEN! ShE was like SHOOTING the zombie and then BEGGING the zombie not to kill her. AnD ShE Tried to reload when there's FULL AMMO. wth?!?! -.-'' ThEn JiaEn was beside her and both of them was like going "eww~!!" oH mY MeRcuRy...-.-''

ThEn wE played Bishi Bashi AnD the girls were totally owned by mE!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAS!! xDD AnD PeaRLyn was so bad that she cheated. she play halfway then come and anyhow press my buttons! ARHHHH!! TT NOT ONLY THAT! SHE STOLE MY TOKENS!! TT wEE~!! JoyCeLyN was shouting "aHgonG~!!" because i didn't give them a chance to score. xDD TheN IriS anD PearLyN teamed up, but in the end they GAMED OVER THE MOST TIMES!! xDD pLay HaLfWaY then MiMi the bdae gal came. That's why it's fun to play with girls. they get OWNED!! xDD wEE~!!

ThEn the girls went to take neoprints at pretty in tokyo and then soo kai went to look for CDs. GeeZ i was feeling so alone...T_T Then i took out my hp to play games. Then they finally came out. Then g walk walk walk all split up dunno they go whr onli noe mimi and En go LGS so i go find them then met soo kai. walk down escalator saw iris and co. .

Then they walk to take the cake then me and soo kai help them take things. then take le cake go mimi's house. then i gave mimi my present then she said, "aHGonG so cute!" I thought she say i cute worhhs! but in th end is the puppet cute... SOB SOB LA!! T_T Pearlyn arhh! NO MANNERS! HOW CAN OPEN PPL'S PRESENT!! xDD wEE~!! then go examine mimi's room see got boy anot. xDD then i found out how long my MSN name was!! xDD >.<>

TheN CuT CakE!! wE SanG end bdae song and then when they sang chinese one i sang hokkien one. LOLX! xDD TheN EaT CakE EaT halfway Pearlyn accidentaly dropped a piece of cake onto the floor. EWW~!! >.<

TheN after awhile go home le... Missed the fun so much...TT WhY so early go? Can hang out longer mahhx... TT then iris was suggesting then the bdae girl shud escort everyone home. I AGREE. MUST!! xDD Then mE, Soo Kai and En climbed the stairs after the rest went for awhile then i sang the NCC song and kai and en was commentng on it. >.<

WheN wE ReachEd the 1st floor we got lost!! >.< Then we finally met at a nearby playground. Then some bought ice cream while i bought 2 ice pops at 10cents each!! woots!! xDD then i drink finish le throw onto the floor silly soo kai go pick up...TT i owe government 1.5k.... wEE~


7:55:00 PM

BiMb0 TesT

[ ] My fingernails/toenails are always painted. -GeeZ??
[x] During the summer pretty much the only shoes I wear are flip flops. -else wad , heels meh .
[ ] My favorite toy as a child were barbies -0nLi suitabLe f0r 0nG Yu TooT
[x] My/one of my favorite color is purple. -Why n0rrT? its NOT a gay colour ok .
[ ] I did Gymnastics. -Nahhx.
[ ] I love skirts. -mY MeRcuRy...
[ ] Hollister is my favorite place to shop. -nvr heard of Hollister .
[ ] Tight jeans are the only jeans I'll wear. -i prefer loose jeans .
[x] I love chocolates. -most of the time .
[x] I've never had a real job. -only part time at my dad's.
TOTAL: 04/10

[ ] My hair is straightened. -wad for?
[x] I have at least 8 friendster pictures. -oF CouRsE.
[ ] I usually go shopping once a week. -WhR GoT TimE?? n0 0nE ShoP WiTh mE...TT
[X] I love to hang out with friends. -yayyay(:
[ ] I have a real diamond ring or diamond necklace. -no $$$ wor .
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon. -im tanned enuf .
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan. -so hoT
[ ] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes. -n0 pLacE To PuT lahhs.
[ ] I've watched either the OC or Laguna Beach. `Wadds ThaT?
[ ] I change my icon weekly. -nope .
TOTAL:02 /10

[ ] I wear a shower cap. -no way !
[ ] I would NEVER step foot into Hot Topic. -wads that .
[X] My cell phone might as well become a part of me. -yay(:
[ ] I wear mascara everyday. -n0 way man!!
[ ] Bikinis are hot. -YoU LooK FaTTeR iN BiKiNi
[ ] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat. - -.-
[ ] Big sunglasses are hot. -oLd AnD NerD.
[x] I have gotten my nails done. -bY mY MoM...xDD
[ ] I own over 10 purses. `I don'T usE puRsEs. I usE WaLLeTs.
TOTAL: 02/10

[ ] MTV is one of my favorite channels. -channel 8 better .
[ ] All I want to do at sleepovers is talk about boys. -abouT GirLs BeTTa.
[x] I love to have other girls do my hair. -Chi0 Bu TheN CaN.>.<
[X] I give and receive hugs from all my friends. -yay(:
[ ] I hate bugs, snakes, lizards, spiders.andand,many more -TheY RocK
[ ] Carnivals are so fun! -so so lar .
[ ] Summer is THE best season. -winter bestest(:
[ ] My swimsuit has 2 pieces. -nope .
[ ] I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor. -I PREFER A PRINCESS!
[ ] Pianists are so hot. -mY GoD... PiaNo iShh MaKinG mE CraZy bEcausE oF JoycELyN AnD DaN LinG...-.-''
TOTAL: 02/10

[ ] You write me a poem and tell me I'm beautiful and I'm all yours. -I'm noT s0 ChEap...-.-''
[X] I am self-conscious. -hahas .
[ ] I cry often. -I HaTe TeaRs.
[ ] My car smells like vanilla. -no car .
[x] My dishes get washed more than once a week. -duh .
[ ] I don't do sports. -sports CaNMakE mE sLiM DowN.
[ ] I HATE to run. -not that bad lar .
[ ] I squeal when I am surprised or angry. -I shouT oR BrEaK SiSSy pEopLe's TeeTh.
[ ] I eat dried fruit as a snack. -they are wierd.
[ ] I love romance novels. -i rather comics .
TOTAL: 02/10

[ ] Drew Barrymore is so cute. -erherm !
[ ] I dance a lot. -no way
[ ] I usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house. -I d0 LasT MinuTe prEparaTioNs
[ ] I only have like 5 billion hair products. -i have less than 10 .
[ ] I love to get dressed up. -not really . -sometimes niaa .
[x] Every part of my outfit needs to match. -duh . else u will look like a freak .
[ ] I talk on the phone at least once a day to my friends. -niD $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
[ ] I would love to have a photo shoot of myself. -i dont zl . xD
[ ] Price on clothes hardly matters. -it does .
[ ] I apply lip gloss 50 times a day. -nope .
TOTAL:01 /10

[ ] I wish I were a model. -no thx .
[ ] I wish I could meet Paris Hilton to slap her. -LOL .
[ ] I have been something that was slutty on halloween. -dun celeb halloween .
[ ] I own Uggs. -wads that .
[ ] Hip Hop is the best music. -no .
[ ] I pop my collar. - no .
[ ] I like to be the centre of attention. -AnD GeT LaughEd aT??
[ ] Guys with Mohawks are crazy. -no .
[ ] Horses are beautiful. -okay niaa .
[X] I'd rather not pay attention in school. -duh .
TOTAL: 01/10

[x] Cats are adorable. -dog betta !
[ ] I write my own music/song/lyric. -not a composer .
[ ] I would love to visit Hawaii. -i dunno.
[X] Valentine's day! I like! - ...
[ ] White is better then black. -no
[ ] I wouldn't be caught dead in all black.-why wouLd I?
[ ] My closet is STOCK FULL of clothes.-NoT reaLLy FuLL.
[x] I hate the grunge look of a beard.`YuKs..
[ ] I love gossip magazines.
[x] I love to gossip.-KeKeKe.xDD
TOTAL: 04/10

[ ] I had Lisa Frank folders, posters as a kid.`uhh...huh?
[ ] I love Celine Dion.`hMM?
[x] My bubble baths are 2 hrs long.`iF I EvEr HaD 0nE
[ ] My wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned.`GoTTa pLann iT mYSeLF.
[x] My friends and I are in a strict group. We mostly only hang out with each other.`o.o
[ ] I like kids.`TheY PuLL youR ShirT anD haF ThE AbiLiTy To sTeriLisE/CaStraTe you and GeT aWaY WiTh iT.
[ ] I'm all about being vegetarian.`IM A CARNIVORE!
[ ] I refuse to eat at McDonald's.`why norrt??
[ ] I check my friendster everyday.`Whenever I'm 0nLinE
TOTAL: 02/10

[ ]I LOVE life!`Geez...
[ ]i have alot of jewellery `o.o
[ ]Claire's has cheap jewellery.`nvr heard bout ThaT.
[ ] My screen names have x's in them.`huh??
[ ]Either one of my friendster profile has/had hearts.`NvR ChecK
[ ]I would never want to be the opposite sex.`WouLd LikE To Try
[ ] It's not what he/she said, it's the way he/she said it.`BoTh
[ ]i have 3pillows on my bed.` Lol? I habb bolster.
[ ] I have a stuffed toy sleeping beside me.TeA BaGG PiLLoW??
[ ] I love tidy and clean places.
TOTAL: 00/10

yay im not bimbo. 20/100. ((:

7:14:00 PM

Sunday, March 04, 2007
1. What colour is ur wallet? `Grey WitH APair oF eyes with redpupil or iris or wadeva u call iT.
2. What's on ur mind? `Girls.
3. What are you doing right now? `Listening to mp3 and blogging.
4. Do u think ure attractive? `erherrrm. obviously not. I am NeGaTiVe 291% attractive.
5. Have u done sth bad today? `LiE to mY mom.
6. Do u watch disney channel? `dun have SCV.
7. Are u jealous of someone right now? `nO.
8. What makes u happy most of the time? `Spending TimE with HeR.
9. Do u bite ur nails? `When I have nothing to do.
10. Do u call ure bf everyday? `I'm a guy.
11. Have u had an eating disorder? `nO
12. Do u wan to see someone this very minute? `HeR.
13. Do u have a deep dark secret? `yeh.
14. Do u have a fren you dont actually like? nO. `PeopLe ThaT I don't LikE aRe norrt my friends.
15. Are u loyal? `I am from CCHSM 1LOYALTY.
16. Are u confused with ur feelings? `YeS
17. Who wud u wanna be with right now? `HeR
18. Do u like someone? `Friends. I LOVE HeR.
19. Does anyone like you? `Most Definitely, NoT
20. Are u an easy going person? `YeS.
21. What do u do when ure mad? `SwEaR AnD WhAcK And SmAcK.
22. Whats the worst thing u've done when u were mad? `Smash a sissy aHGuA's face into the TabLe EdgE & BrEaK HiS TooTh. AnD GeT DeTenTioN....-.-''
23. Ever made anyone cry when u were mad? `nO.
24. Do u swear when ure mad? `YeS
25. When was the last time u really cried? `WhEn ShE CriEd
26. Ever cried urself to sleep? `nO. I just cried.
27. Do certain songs make u cry? `SomETimEs. OnLy WheN I WanT To CrY.
28. What usually makes u cry? `HeR(s).

70 questions! (:

1. name`Ivan LoW wEE~wEE~
2. religion`Buddhist.
3. single/taken`ReseRvEd
4. zodiac sign`dog
5. male/female`MaLe
6. school`Chung ChengHigh School (Main)
7. bag`Converse Sling bag.
8. msn name`MerCuRy MeRcuRy wEE~! oH mY MerCuRy...:'( TesT PaPerS PiLe uP To 291 sTorEyS HigH oF MeRCuwEE...TT PhucK HwaKeTy wEE~! MeRcuwEE~!
9. hair colour`black
10. hair long/short`short
11. eye colour`black
12. health freak`nope
13. height`161cm
14. do u have a crush on someone`yes.
15. do u like urself`Seriously, I don't gay myself.
16. braces`no
17. piercing`not YET. gonna pierce ear
18. tatoo`no
19. righty or lefty`righty
20. first surgery`no
21. first piercing`no
22. first best fren`Ng Jun Kang.
23. first award`National day art piece.
24. first sport joined`ShoT PuT.
25. first pet`Turtle.
26. first vacation`malaysia
27. first concert`no
28. first love`cpy
29. fav movie`mani
30. fav tv show`let it shine
31. fav colour`pink/black/blue/orange
32. fav music`Love songs
33. fav drink`Coconut juice
34. fav sport`bball
35. fav clothing`Singlet and boxer pants
36. fav brand`none
37. fav sku`khs/cchsm
38. fav animal`dog
39. im eating`air
40. im drinking`air
41. im about to ring`nobody
42. listening to`Zhi Dui Ni Shuo
43. waiting for`Food, Sleep, Death
44. watching`the com screen
45. wearing`black singlet and white boxer pants
46. want kids`in the future
47. want get married`yes
48. careers in mind`Yew Char Kway hawker
49. lips/eyes`eyes
50. hugs/kisses`kisses
51. shorter/taller`taller
52. romantic/spontaneous`romantic
53. nice stomach/arms`stomach
54. sensitive/loud`loud
55. hookup/relationship`relationship
56. sweet/caring`sweet
57. troublemaker/hesitant`troublemaker
58. kissed a stranger`no
59. drank bubbles`no
60. lost glasses/contacts`no
61. ran away from home`no
62. broken a bone`no
63. got an xray`no
64. broken someone's heart`no
65. cried when someone died`no
66. god`yes
67. miracles`yes
68. aliens`yes
69. magic`yes
70. heaven`yes

finally done.

10:03:00 PM

You're supposed to get below 30 points in total to be considered a GOOD kid; anything OVER & your BAD.

[ ] smoked `Cough cough.
[x] drink alcohol `WhY NorrT. Won't get caught one la. Who ask u drink in fron tof police.
[x] slept with someone of the opposite sex `Grandma.
[x] slept with someone of the same sex `Brother
[x] gotten into any fights `Love fights.
[x] kissed someone of the opposite sex `Grandma and mom/
[x] kissed someone of the same sex `my mum again . xD
[x] had someone in your room of the opposite sex `my cousins .
[x] scold vulgarities `mY Language
[ ] bought porn `Dumb.

[ ] taken drugs `no one sell to me .
[x] hate going to the doctors `who loves going to doctors !?
[x] lied to your parents `many many many many times .
[x] lied to a friend `yeh .
[ ] sneak out of the house `Don't have to.
[x] done something illegal `Tons.
[ ] cut yourself `I'm mentally fit. (sometimes,somewhat,somehow)
[x] hurt someone `uhhuh .
[x] wished someone to die `ThaT Dumbass sissy chao aHGuA Pee Ahh Chew.
[ ]seen someone die `Nahhx. Would love to. (not my family kayys)

[ ] missed curfew `wads that
[ ] stayed out all night `I need to sleep.
[x] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself `why not.
[ ] been to a therapist `nope .
[ ] been to rehab `nope .
[x] dyed your hair `one day onli.
[ ] received a ticket `movie ticket?
[ ] been in a wreck `shipwreck ? carwreck ? simi wreck .
[ ] been to a club `Enviromental club? !Kung Bushmen club? wEE~ club? MeRcuRy club?
[ ] been to a bar `nope .

[ ] been to a wild party `Norrt YET.
[ ] seen the Mardi Gras `wads that .
[x] had a fight `duh.
[ ] had a spring break in Florida `nvr go florida before .
[x] sniffed anything `Glue and Highlighter.
[ ] wore black nail polish before `Chinese Calligraphy ink?
[x] worn wrist bands `Spikes.
[ ] wore t-shirts with band names `nope .
[ ] wore black eyeliner `Hello? A guy here.
[x] own a 50 cent CD `Game

[x] hugged someone of the opposite sex `Grandma
[x] hugged someone of the same sex `Dad,Bro,Uncle,Fwens,Fraser Tiong.XD
[x] gone out with someone of the opposite sex `frens lur .
[x] gone out with someone of the same sex `like , duh ?!
[x] stole something `Money, Stationary,Shoplift
[ ] been too drunk to remember anything `I've never got drunk. Very hot though.
[ ] blacked out `nope .
[ ] fainted `nope .
[ ] had a crush on your neighbour `my neighbour is a BOY.
[ ] had someone else snuck into your room `nah .

[ ] snuck into someone else's room `Don't have to.
[ ] had a crush on someone of the same sex `im not a gay .
[x] had gone and watched movies with friends `like , duh ?!
[ ] dry humped someone `wads the meanin of that .
[ ] been called a sut `Guys can;t be suts
[x] called someone a sl*t `many people, many times . xD
[ ] installed speakers in your car `Uncles van have.I dun have cars.
[ ] broke a mirror `nope .
[ ] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house `Haven't gone to a girl's house before.
[x] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush `Families'

[ ] consider Mac,Dr Dre, e40 or Mistah Fab your favorite rapper `dunno wads that .
[ ] seen an R rated movie `p0rn?o.0
[x] going out with friends to the mall `duh .
[x] skipped school `Feigned illness
[ ] had an eating disorder `nope .
[ ] had hurt yourself `by wad ? falling down ? heartbroken ?
[ ] gone to court `nope .
[ ] walked out of a restaurant without paying `I don;t go to restaurants. You gotta pay before you can go aT Macdonald's.
[ ] caught something on fire `-.-''
[x] lied about your age `WhY norrt.

[ ] owned an apartment `no $$$ .
[ ] cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend `I'm norrt that kind of person.
[x] cheated with someone `With Michelle for ACC TesT.
[ ] got in trouble with the police `nope . im not trouble .
[x] talked to a stranger `uhhuh .
[ ] hugged a stranger `I don't rape.
[ ] kissed a stranger `I don't rape.
[ ] rode in the car with a stranger `nope . i dont get cheated by TooTs.
[ ] been sexually harassed `By Jonathan.-.-''
[x] been verbally harassed `Duhh. bY OnG Yu TooT.

[ ] met face to face with someone you met online `nope .
[x] stayed online for 12 hours straight `27 hours
[ ] talked on the phone for more than 6 hours `I don;t waste money. I'd rather go online.
[x] watched TV for 12 hours straight `DuH.
[x] been to a fair `duh .
[x] been called a bad influence `DuH.
[ ] been cursed `yeh . bY that sissy Ong TooT Xiang.
[x] prank called someone `hehehe .
[ ] laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex `WouLd LovE To.
[x] cheated on a test `WhY NorrT,

[x] cheated on homework `who doesnt !?
[x] held hands with someone of the same sex `my besties xD
[ ] wants to be dead `FoR ThE SakE oF FwEns. BuT FwEns CaN MakE 0nE DiE
[ ] cuts yourself `no thx .
[x] hate yourself `Kind of.
[ ] had a crush on someone 10 years older than you `3 months and 2 months have.-.-''
[x] had a crush on someone younger than you `Nahhx. God Dammit. wEE~ Dammit. MeRcuRy Dammit.
[ ] worn eyeliner `I'm a... GUY!
[x] worn contact lens `Troublesome.
[ ] laughed at someone who was seriously hurt `I've got limit. NorrT LikE OnG Yu XianG ThE F(_)CKING MUSTARD.

GRAND TOTAL: 45 `Pai aS EvEr.

9:23:00 PM

How many Disney films have you seen? Put an x in the box if you have seen the film and add up as you go along!

[ ] High School Musical `Sucks la!
[ ] Holes `WHAT HOLE! XD
[ ] Lizzie McGuire Movie `PUke*
[ ] Cheetah Girls `Cheetah boy la!
[ ] Halloween Town High `Town Low.-.-''
[ ] Cadet Kelly `National Cadet Corps arhh?
total: 0

[ ] Get a Clue `What clue.
[ ] Motocrossed `Cross ur head.
[x] Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs `Mani times when i was youngyoungyoung . I have the CD.XD
[ ] Pocahontas `Mocha?
[ ] Pocahontas 2 `Mocha 2?
[ ] Lady and the Tramp `huh?
total: 1

[ ] Lady and the Tramp 2 `huh 2?
[x] Cinderella `hahaaasss .
[ ] The Parent Trap (original) `Trap PARENTS?! 0.o
[ ] The Parent Trap (with LindsayLohan) `Trap PARENTS 2!? o.0
[] The Little Mermaid `Mehservant?
[ ] The Little Mermaid 2 `Mehservant 2?
Total: 1

[ ] Mary Poppins `Pop ur si lang tao.
[ ] The Fox and the Hound `???!!!?!?!?!?!?
[ ] Dumbo `You dumbass la.
[x]Pinnochio `Long long nose...o.0 ahh my nose!!
[ ]Bambi `Bah ur head.
total: 1

[ ] Basil: The Great Mouse Detective ` Detect wad? go under skirts uh? stupid mouse.
[ ] The Rescuers Down Under `underwear la
[x] Toy Story`lol yeah
[x] Toy Story 2 `so boring .
[x] Lion King `OMG ! I LOVE LION KINGS !
[x] Lion King 2 `!! the lions all so cute one !!
total: 4

[x] Peter Pan `fly fly fly~
[ ] Peter Pan 2 `bang ur toot
[ ] Fantasia `Fanatasy?
[ ] The Three Caballeros ` Ca wad?
[ ] Alice in Wonderland `Dumb old rabbit.
[x] Sleeping Beauty `pig arh slp slp slp
total: 2

[x] 101 Dalmatians `dogs sooo cute!
[ ] 102 Dalmatians
[ ] The Sword in the Stone
[x] The Jungle Book `wEE~
[ ] The Aristocats
total: 2

[ ] Robin Hood `Nahh. onli heard of it.
[ ] Oliver and Company `?!
[ ] Beauty and the Beast `Ugly beast
[ ] Beauty and the Beast 2 `Ugly beast 2
[ ] Aladdin `Dun habb
[ ] Aladdin: Return of Jafar `Return of alamak?
[ ] Aladdin: The King of Thieves `Queen of thieves leh.
total: 0

[x] Finding Nemo. `Find that toot!
[x] Monsters, Inc. `Put them to sleep.
[x] Hercules `Tada!
[x] Mulan `diao ..
[x] Mulan 2 `Siianz...-.-''
[x] Tarzan `... `Orrrhhhh~ EeEeEe orrrhhhhh~ EeEeEe orrrhhhhh~
total: 6

[x] Lilo & Stitch `Cute little alien.
[ ] The Hunchback of Notre Dame `?!
[ ] The Emperor's New Groove `New clothes?
[ ] The Nightmare Before Christmas `Nahhx
[ ] Bed Knobs and Broomsticks `Rapist!
[ ] Pete's Dragon `-.-''
total: 1

[ ] Remember the Titans `Teen Titans?
[ ] Who Framed Roger Rabbit `Read book onli.
[ ] James and the Giant Peach `?! o.0
[ ] Mighty Ducks `Mighty chicken.-.-''
[x] A Bug's Life `Long time ago...-.-''
[x] The Incredibles `To the rescue!
total: 2

[ ] A Goofy Movie `googoogaga?
[ ] An Extremely Goofy Movie `Extreme googoogaga?
[ ] Atlantis` Antartica?
[x] The Chronicles of Narnia `Gonna watch soon.
[x] Around the World in 80 Days `Cool!
[ ] Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen `o.o
total: 2

[ ] A Cinderella Story `Geez
[ ] Pirates of the Carribean `NAHHX.
[ ] Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man's Chest `NAHHX.
[ ] National Treasure` Wad treasure.o.0
[ ] Princess Diaries `rubbish
[ ] Princess Diaries 2 `even rubbish.
total: 0

[ ] Freaky Friday `o.0
[ ] Honey I Shrunk the Kids`o.0
[ ] A Muppet Christmas Carol`o.0
[ ] Ice Princess `Fire Prince?
total: 0


9:02:00 PM

How childish are you?

[x] Sleep with a stuffed animal `XD
[x] Eat sugary cereal for breakfast `Nice wad.
[ ] Watch Saturday Morning cartoons... and also on sundays `Sleeping...ZzZ...-.-''
[ ] Are afraid of the dark `LOL .
[x] Love the color pink `WhY NorrT?
[ ] Never get in fights with your parents `SomE PaRenTs ReaLLy SuX to da core.
[x] Think ice cream for lunch is perfectly reasonable `Yum!
[x] Hug often `yeh .
[ ] Cry about stupid things `I don't think LovE is stupid.
[ ] Use the "puppy eyes" on your parents `huh?
[ ] Have a goldfish as a pet `Goldfishes are dumb.
[x] Wear slippers `else wad .
[ ] Are attracted to shiny objects `MeRcuRy!! XD
[x] Think happy faces are cute `duh !
[ ] Sometimes answer the phone by saying, "Yellow?" `pink lar yellow .
[x] Shower less than three times a week `hehes...XD
[ ] Sometimes take bubble baths `hahas so cute .
[x] Think it is fun to catch bugs `CooL!
[ ] Know how to take the stinger out of a bee `Don't know how.>.<
[ ] Use a lifejacket when you go swimming `lol !
[ ] Make daisy necklaces/bracelets when you go to the park `erherm .
[ ] Love the game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' `diao .
[ ] Listen to Britney Spears and N*Sync `yucks they suck .
[ ] Watch Spongebob Squarepants `Lolx i have better things to do.
[x] Dream about going to amusement parks `YeH I reaLLy do. I day-dream bout them too.
[x] When im bored, I like these surveys `I like these surveys even when im not bored.=))

Total: how much you got= 11
Now count up all your x's andmultiply it by 5.That is how childish you are.
oH mY MeRcuRy!! im 55% childish?! >.< T_T

8:53:00 PM

I'm ReaLLy iNTo DoinG QuizEs!! MaiL mE iF YoU HavE anY!

1.What do you think of the most whenyou are alone? - Think oF GirLs.>.<

2. When it is a rainy night, what do you do most of the time? - Breathe.

3. When was the last time you were - Huh ?

4. What do you do when you see a full moon? - Breathe

5.Would you rather swim in the lake or dive in the ocean? - Die iN ThE OcEaN. I CaN'T SwiM

6. What would be the best partner of a good cup of coffee? - Taste buds.

7. If you'll ask yourself a question now,what would it be? - Do I reaLLy HavE FwEnS?

8. If certain things in your life will fall apart, what will you do? - Prevent TheM fr0m FaLLinG AparT.

9. What was the hardestdecision you made in your life sofar? - Choosing between friendship and love .

10. When your friends forgetyou, what will you do? - What can ido ?

11. Do you talk toyourself? - YeS. I'm F0rEvEr L0vESicK.

12. Is there anything that you are craving for right now? - HeR .

13. Single ortaken? - Reserved.

14.Ever cried forsomething stupid? - iS LovE sTupiD?

15. Do you like anime? - Some.

16. How about Japanese music? - Haihao larhs .

17. What music are you into, anyway? - Love songs .

18. Do you have a malicious mind? - iN s0mE SiTuaTioNs

19. First thing you do after watching a movie. - sNorE

20. Do you washthe dishes in your house? - Nopes .

21. Can you last two days withouta bath? - iF I don'T SwEaT.

22. Most common words in your classroom. - wEE~ & MeRcuRy

23. The last lie you told yourparents? - I'll change the bedsheets tomorrow.

25. Still go to the mall with your parents? - When wE b0Th WanT To Go aT thE SamE TimE.

26. Are you brand conscious? - nO.

27. Ever felt in love? - Hello? I'm a GUY.

28. Who do you miss right now? -HeR.

29. Watched any good movies lately? - ArE ThErE AnY?

30. Is it in you to kill someone? - Most definitely. That SiSSy Cha0 aHGuA iN 1LY.

31. Daydream a lot? - YeS.

32. Happy with yourlife? - nO

33. You'd rather lose your mobile or your mp3 player? - mp3 player.

MenTaL AgE Quiz
[ ] I know how to make a pot of coffee
[ ] I do my own laundry
[ ] I can cook for myself `I would rather buy.o.0
[ ] I think politics are exciting `They are lame.
[ ] My parents and grandparents have better things to say than my friends `Rubbish.
Total: 0

[ ] I show up for school/college/work every day early `Nahhx.
[ ] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse. `So KiaSu arhhx?
[x] I've never gotten a detention `Yeah... Almost le lahh...-.-
[ ] I've watched talk shows `So boring
[ ] I know what credibility means without looking it up `Can't even explain.
[ ] I drink coffee at least once a week `Once a month.
Total: 1

[ ] I know how to run the dish washer and or do the dishes. `My grandma does it.
[ ] I can count to 10 in Spanish. `What's NO in Spanish?
[x] When I say I'm going to do something I do it. `Don't try mE.
[ ] My parents trust me. `I don't trust them either
[ ] I can mow the lawn. `What's a lawn?
[ ] I can make adults laugh without being stupid. `Adults can't really laugh.
[ ] I remember to water my plants. `Don't have any.
[ ] I study when I have to. `I don't ever study.
[ ] I pay attention at school/college `Nahhx. Thinkin bout' girls.>.<
[ ] I remember to feed my pets. `>.<
Total: 1

[x] I can spell experience without
looking it up `Why not.-.-''
[ ] I clean up my own mess. `Why clean up? So spectacular.XD
[ ] The first thing I do when I wake up
is get caffeine. `1st thing I do is squeeze my bolster.
[ ] I can go to the store without
getting something I don't need. `I stay home all day.
[x] I understand jokes the first time
they are said. `Blahhx.-.-
[ ] I can type fast `Not really fast.
Total: 2

[ ] I have realized that the weather
forecast changes every hour. `Didn't know that.o.0
[ ] I have realized that no one will
take you seriously unless you are over
the age of 25 and have a job. `oH ReaLLy?
[ ] I can read a book and actually
finish it `HaTe th0sE DumB Bo0kS.
Total: 0

Now add up your totals and that's your
mental age!!!

WTH mY MeNTaL aGe iiSh 0nLi 4!! T_T

7:19:00 PM

Friday, March 02, 2007
wEEEE.some stupid quiz -.-


1.FINGERS: ivan

2.CHIN: iv ca nb


4.ELBOW: ikogvqajjn

5.NOSE: ijkv fqqqzajhn

6.PALM: iklocf cv aqwn bj

1.) List Four fandoms you have.

fandom?dun wan check dicKtionary.

2.) Have you ever slept in the back of a car?

Back of a van.

3.) Have you recently dyed your hair/cut it?


4.) List four people that you look up to the most.


5.) How many pets do you own as of now?


6.) Which do you prefer white or black?


7.) Who is your most played character??


8.) Choose one or the other, not both:
-Being stuck on an island with a friend
-Being stuck on an island with 5 acquaintances.


9.) Name three aspects that tell who you are.


10.) If you could have a power what would it be?

ThE p0wEr To P0ssEss aLL p0wErs

11.) Who was the last person you talked to?

Soo Kai on the bus. Mom on the phone. Grandmother tok to mE never reply.

12.) Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?


13.) Write down the first five words that pop into your head:


14.) What's one thing you wish you could do better?

SeX AppEaL.xD

15.) Do you like the way you are?

YeS! NeGaTivE 291%.

16.) Choose, Summer or Winter:


17.) Choose, Rain or snow:


18.) Water or ice?


19.) List two odd things about yourself:

I L0vE To TickLe BoyS.
I L0vE To PuLL oFF GirLs' HaiRBanD AnD cLipS AnD PuLL ThEiR HaiR

20.) Who are two of your bad habits:

Loves tidiness and cleaniness, but makes no effort.
LovEs sLappinG DumB GayS LikE 0nG yU XianG ThE SiSSy Cha0 aHGuA

21.) What's 1 of your biggest pet peeve?

PeT pEE?

22.) Now list 6 people who should do this quiz

aLL mY SuN nUs
aLL mY SuN Zi-In LaW
everybody from 0nELoyaLTy07(:
(i think dats more than six ppls)

9:06:00 PM

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
&. i fear 7 out of 71 things`Call this fearless? oH mY MerCurY...-.-''
&. if you get more than 30 you're paranoid.
&. if you get 21 to 29 you're normal.
&. if you get 11 to 20 you are pretty normal.
&. if you get 10 or less you're fearless.
&. people who don't have any are dumb asses who want people to think they are tough stuff.

&. everyone fears something... you just have to find the right thing.

&. i fear...

[ ] gay people `Don't discriminate them. They are humans. I'm not one kayys...-.-''
[ ] the dark `Come to the dark side...
[ x ] being single forever `I want father's day the w0rhhs...o.0
[ ] being a parent `GOTTA be one eh?
[ ] being myself in front of others `Why not?
[ ] open spaces `Let's play!
[ ] closed spaces `Let's sleep...-.-''
[ ] heights `LOL! Can't kiLL right? why so scared?! o.0
[ ] black cats `Cutie~
[ ] birds `Bird Bird~XD wEE~
[ ] fish `Yummy...o.0
[ ] ants `One thumb does it all...
[ ] driving `MUST DRIVE ARHHX!
[ ] flying `Has always be my day-dream...TT
[ ] flowers or other plants `Lol? * Sniff Sniff* Ah choo~
[ ] being touched `Can touch people?! XD wEE~
[ ] fire `Fire is DANGEROUS but FUN!
[ ] dark water `Lolx?? Ink arhhx?
[ ] the ocean `The wide lovely waters...
[ ] failure `Failure is success' Lao Bu leh!
[ ] success `Lolx everyone wants success right??
[ ] thunder/lightning `They are just sound waves...-.-'' Think Strike ToTo arhhx?
[ ] frogs/toads `Boing boing~XD wEE~
[ ] my boy/girlfriends/(ex)boy/girlfriends dad `Uhhh... Huh?
[ ] my boy/girlfriends/(ex)boy/girlfriends mom `Uhhh...Huh?
[ ] mice/rats `They are filthy but CUTE!!
[ ] jumping from high places `Fly~!! wEE~ *SPLAT*
[ ] snow `Never play with real snow before...
[ ] rain `Love it! No, I'm no crying. It's the rain.
[ ] wind `wEE~~~
[ ] cotton balls `BALL BALL!!
[ ] cemeteries `Lol? Ghost can't harm you.
[ ] clowns `They are funny!
[ ] large crowds `The more the merrier
[ ]crossing bridges `Lolx they won;t collapse de laa...-.-''
[ ] death `Everyone has to die!
[ ] heaven `Paradise!
[ ] being robbed `Lolx put paper money in the paper wallet...-.-''
[ ] men `Lolx I'm not scared of my father...-.-''
[ ] women `Lolx I'm not scared of my mother...-.-''
[ x ] having great responsibilty `OH MY MERCURY! Things go wrong, you get blamed. T_T
[ ] doctors, including dentists `Lolx bloody human. But can't live without them...-.-''
[ ] tornadoes `wEE~
[ ] hurricanes `Wee~
[ ] diseases `I grew up having them...
[ ] snakes `Wriggly TOOT! XD wEE~
[ ] sharks `I love their beautiful teeth.
[ ] shots `Huh?? Tio gun arhhx?!-.-''
[ ] Friday the 13th `Lolx?
[ x ] poverty `Wa no money die liao arhhx!! T_T
[ ] ghosts `Can't harm us can they?
[ ] Halloween `Trick or Treat!!
[ ] school `Why scared? Can hang out with friends. wEE~
[ ] trains or railroads `Who ask you go walk on them??-.-''
[ ] odd numbers `Lolx?
[ ] even numbers `Lolx?
[ ] being alone `Spend some time reflecting on your actions...
[ x ] being blind `I don't think I can live in the BLACK BLACK WORLD...BBW... T_T
[ ] being deaf `Not blind can lerrs.
[ ] growing up `Lolx?! Faster puberty...XD wEE~
[ ] monsters under my bed `Squeeze them to death(again).
[ ] creepy noises in the night `Lolx you mean sound waves?! -.-''
[ ] bee stings `Dumb bugs...-.-''
[ x ] not accomplishing my dreams/goals `I don't want any regrets...
[ ] blood `I LOVE THEM! Espeacially when they drip down the wall... THICK THICK de...XD wEE~
[ x ] someone you love or care about getting hurt `Please don't get hurt...
[ x ]someone you love or care about hurting you `Please don't hurt mE...
[ ] love `I want love, but love doesn't want mE...T_T
[ ] spiders `They are COOL!
[ ] needles` This TOOT will TOOT your TOOT! XD wEE~

10:19:00 PM

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Wa Lao ehhs... So wierd... The wEE~ curse...

Last week 2/2/07,Friday, I NCC mahhs... So wE run run run then go play soccer. Then before the game i wEE~ one time Clarence kick the ball and the ball hit an I/C.'s face then the lense fall of the Specs!!

Then this week 9/2/07,Friday, NCC again. wE d0 DriLLs then run again. After that is soccer. Then this time i wEE~, The SAME guy CLARENCE kick the ball and hit the face of another player! Then the WHOLE specs all shattered. The lenses all drop out, the nose suppor cannot bE found and the side broken. Oh mY Tiian! Then I wEE~again 2 guys ALMOST got hit in the face by the baLL. Luckily they dodged...o.0 Then I wEE~ again ThE ball HiT ThE g0aL p0sT, bounce and HiT an0ther guy caLLeD Ivan Koo (Another Ivan) in ThE HeaD! LOLX!! XD >.< o.0 -.-''


2:21:00 PM

Thursday, February 01, 2007
Yoz! Lolx! XD Time post long no siia...T_T

Waa... 1st time late cause wake up late... I lied say I missed the bus... The DM (Discipline Master) believe... wEE~

Yesterday 2nd time late... Wa lao ehhs... Go in by back gate lehhs... The gate LOCKED siia! Then HOW? DIE?! I did something I didn't expect I would do... I CLIMBED the gate (Luckily gate never collapse) ! Wa lao. Feet too big no space to lift myself up... In the end no choice la... Squeeze in side... Up there got SPIKES! No choice... Gap still small... So put my tip... Take the risk... wEEEEEEEEEEEE~~!! Fly over! XD Wa lao impact too big land that time fall to the right... Scratch my right leg's right side... Owww~ Luckily never bleed...T_T Then go General office to report then SAME DM ask mE why I late... So I teLL him i STOMACHACHE! HEHEHES! XD He so dumb. Believed mE!! XD I faked my voice like very weak lohhs~!! XD wEE~

Siianz lehhs... I've got --~<(*"GOOD"*)>~-- news (Notice the signs around iT) !! Lolx...-.-ll 1sT Chinese Spelling fail... Get 15/100... 2nd Chinese Spelling also fail!! But this time... I get... 5/100!! XD Wa lao eh then the teacher threaten mE say I next time don't pass send mE to normal Chinese class.. Freak lahhs...

wEE~ ThE girls in my class so nice to BULLY! YAY~! Then got one mad guy Yu Xiang a.k.a. Eat wrong medicine de Pikachu say wad Chung Cheng Lake got Gyradoes... His medicine OVERDOSE la!! Wa liew ehhs...

Freak lohhs... Todae wait for my fwens Jonathan and Iris (in concert band) til 4.30++ go take bus together in the end they PURPOSELY dun want take bus with mE!! T_T I took the water cooler's cold water to spray Iris' legs. She screamed. wEE~ XD

That's all! At least I post ok...>.< Ok byes n0wz!! XD wEE~

6:59:00 PM

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Not because I enjoyed myself. It's because I FINALLY got my SCHOOL SHORTS!

Wa lan damn pai seh siia... I wear my father's black short to school lehhs.When I entered the school everybody was like looking at me. Then I heard Jian Wei shout : "Ivan lai lo!" Then I quickly rushed over. Mervyn, Hao Zhe and Chester was with him too.

Then go hall listen to the principal's crap. Whoa can't say I'm unlucky lo. Got one guy hair long then the level master saw it and then shout at him and ask him to do 50 squats. That cb kiia damn kao peii la. School say must have manners this kind of farker don't even have a freakin' shiit of manners. Everyone looked at the guy(well, almost!!) except me. Why? BECAUSE MY HAIR LONGER THEN HIS! HAHAHA!! LUCKY NVR TIO CAUGHT SIIA!! Then after that went to classroom.

Listen to the teacher's rubbish. Then see give us masking tape ask us write our name on it and paste it on our shirts. LAME and CHILDISH. Onlii our class lahh... Then student counsellors come. Got Cute cute de Dayang(Verii nice to bulli!!=p), okok-handsome de Ming En(OK la!!),
eh pui teh de Slyvia(hehehes...), also veri nice to bully de Sin Yi(LOL) and some other crappy counsellors. Dayang best.=D Followed by Ming En.>.<>

Then go play some lame games. Dayang bad. Sabo me.TT He see the masking tape on my back then noe my name. Then sabo me until I need go up act some shiit. Dayang bully. Hmphs.=((

Reccess time I faster go collect my shorts then faster go change. Queue up quite long, so after changing reccess over...=(( Then go play some crappy games again some more need blindfold. So lame lo.

Then got one game got some cards for you to choose got nose, toe, ankle, ear, thigh and maybe eyebrow. Then two people each take one card. Then for example A took nose and B took toe then A's nose must touch B's toe. Still got nose and ear lo. Nose and thigh some more. That dumb dumb girl who made this must be SICK. So disgusting la... Then went to grand Auditorium to learn stuff (or rather, FOOL AROUND HAHAS!).

Then still got dog n' bone... With WATER BALOONS! Luckily nvr burst...-.-ll At the end of the day listen to the dunno who's nonsense again. So hot la the hall like no air-con de. Talk talk talk for a looong time then we do the cheers and school song. SO LAME. Except the Rock You cheer. Hahas. Fun clapping. And SCREAMING! LOLX!! Suppose to be until 4pm la... Do until 4.30 pm...

Then I WALK WRONG WAY! Shirlyn Tham la... She went to the wrong way then came back I heard them muttering about : "Thought is shortcut" Then ask them what shortcut they nvr tell me... Then waste my time walking to the WRONG PLACE OH FARK MAN... Oii no vulgar la chee bai 0ops!!>.<>.< (Siiao Chiie Chiie don't angry...XD) Then reach home FORGET CUT HAIR! I take off clothes gonna bathe le lehh... Heng haven on water then wear back those smelly rubbish and rush to the salon cut hair for $7 wa lan so ugly de siia!!! >.<

8:41:00 PM

Monday, January 01, 2007
Happy New Year!!

So long no post... You people COMPLAIN COMPLAIN huh?!?! Hmphs!

Here I am posting to you all notty notties. Eh... Post what siia? Oh ya!

Uh... Ya what? Oh! Erm.. Oh?? O for Orange! Lame...=p

0 sec after 2007 I was watching the fireworks at Tanjong Rhu.
1 sec after 2007 i was fishing at Tanjong Rhu.
3 hrs and a few minutes after 2007 I was packing up for home.
5hrs and a few minutes after 2007 I was sleeping.
11 hours and 30 minutes after 2007 I'm wishing some notty notties(YOU) a Herwepy New Year~!!

11:25:00 PM

Monday, December 25, 2006
It's over 12 midnight lerrs~!! 25th December lerrs! That means what lerrs? It means it's Christmas lerrs~!







12:25:00 AM

Sunday, December 24, 2006
Kinda funny.

We were storing water into small plastic bags to freeze into ice for 1 day 2 night fishing at East Coast from Monday to Friday, but my brother did it wrongly so we gotta take out all the water and store the plastic bags again.

We poke and *toot* the plastic bag flow out like our intestines do and let it flow into a big container ( the bottom part of the thing you use to steam fish ). I was so playful I put my whole hand into the FREEZING 0 degree Celsius water and when I took it out my hand was NUMB and I CAN'T MOVE IT~!! Ahh~!! Wait for awhile then okayy lerrs...

Then my brother playful use water splash my mother because my mother keep squeezing the pimple-like thingy ( it's her horrible hobby ) on his back. Then I used a CUP to SPLASH my mom and my brother joined in. I use glass cup he use metal cup and we splash until veh fun.

Then suddenly I sprung my cup forward instead of the water coming out, the HANDLE BROKE and the WHOLE GLASS CUP excluding the handle FLEW TOWARDS MY MOM'S LEG but luckily she managed to dodge it... Then we stop and pick up the glass pieces lohhs... LOLX dangerous yet fun siia! LOLX!

Few weeks ago I learnt from one of the workers to use the towel to hit someone like using the cane. I hiht my uncle TWICE and he shouted DAMN LOUDLY TWICE!! So fun!! XD

Will post bout' X'mas party and my fishing trip maybe after Wed. Cyyaz.

11:29:00 PM

Sunday, December 17, 2006
Yesterday was the stall's worker's,Ah Dan's, Bdae so we went to East coast barbecue.

I bought my skates along so skate skate skate lo... Then got one boy ride Kallang Guni bicycle so i hold on to the back and then we move together lohhs...

Then we go catch crab. Inside the net got one catfish so cute siia... Then we go barbecue the crab and hotdogs, chicken wings and stuff.

After play with a 1year old++ baby bully bully bully lolx!! XD After awhile go home le lo... 4am++ den slp den 3pm++ then wake up...XD

5:41:00 PM

Friday, December 15, 2006

13/12/06 Wednesday

Catlin even bought a christmas hat for Kirby!!

See!! Sooo cute~~!!!!~>.<~

??/12/06 ???day

Siianz lo... On this day when cutting pessimon i cut my index finger lo... 1/4 of my fingernail part also tio cut...Damn inconvenient la...

8:04:00 PM

Hah so late then post siia...

11/12/06 Monday
Went to catch crab at Tanjong Rhu. Piiangz... Damn lots of mosquitoes lo... My tummy, leg shoulder got bitten liiaoz lo... Used small shark's head as bait and threw the net into the water lo...

After awhile buey tahan liiaoz hand itchy wanna gamble... So go uncle's van take tent to set up... Then my uncle, brother, mother and I start gambling lohhs... 10cents only lahhs... I last one get blackjack lo...

Here's the scores :

Uncle (banker) - Collect $1 from mother
- Collect 70cents from brother
- Give me $1.20
=Win 50cents

Mother - Give Uncle $1
- Lose $1 (Lost most ahahaha!XD)

Brother - Give Uncle 70cents
- Lose 70cents

mE - Collect $1.20 from Uncle
- Win $1.20( Win most wEE~~!!!XD )

12/12/06 Tuesday
Actually planned to go swimming with Mervyn and Tao Wang... But yesterday catch crab until todae 6a.m.++ until too tired overslept... When i reach they already gonna go home... So I go mervyn's house lo... Then play play play play play then Yun Jie invite us go Mountbatten Community Centre play basketball. I don't want go lo cause I want play CS siia... Then Mervyn keep begging me to go lo... Cause he want see Yun Jie mahhs... Wa lau "zhong4 se4 qing1 you3" one lo...

So we take bus go lo... Then play play play going to rain so Yun Jie want go home le... Then I persuade Mervyn follow then we follow lo... Then I hurry him he hurry me in the end reach le Yun Jie sms-ed said she JUST BOARDED THE BUS! We reach her house liiaoz la... Then ask us go back door... We go le then she going LIBRARY then gotta WALK TO THE FRONT AGAIN!! Piiangz!!

Then follow... Go into library enjoy air-con. Then Yun Jie go buy bubble tea we also buy... The bubble tea uncle bully her then I say betta don't cause Mervyn there... Then he ask in chinese, "Her boyfriend arh?" I say yes then Yun Jie nvr silent... Silence means consent w0rhhs...XD Then Yun Jie go home then I go Mervyn's house lo... Play awhile then go home le lo.

13/12/06 Wednesday
Caught lots of flower crabs... All stabbed to death... Damn fun siia! XD
Steam the crabs then eat with Udon. I ate two and a half plate w0rhhs!! XD

My god-uncle's girlfriend, Catlin, bought a little seal bed (lolx atually mattress onli lahhs...XD) for Kirby and he really likes it!!

Aiyo see!! Sleep until liddat! Dunnoe whether Kirby's a dog or a PIG! -.-ll

4:57:00 PM

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Hiies time is now 7.05am... Finished bathing and doing my daily +10 sit-ups... Morning do 70 le(Actually for yesterday cause forgot to doXD)... Night do 80...

Set off at 10pm then go set up nets and stuff... TodaE VEH LESS crabs siia...only caught one big one and 4 small ones... can cook crab bee hoon... all the crabs dam aggressive siia... Dangerous...

Can't barbercue crab cause need chop and clean... so we barbercue sausages, hotdogs, crab-stick, pork, chicken and marshmallows... Whoaas... Still not full sia..XD

Leave the nets in the water for 4-6 hours then after everything we threw charcoal into the water then the smoke come out and sizzled. After throw rubbish and stuff into the water... Hahas you may say throw charcoal contaminates the water.... But HEY! It ferterlises water plants and hence allowing moer oxygen for fis -- HEY! Not a Science stuff or anythin' right? Lolx aniwaees it's doing gd deed larrx!! XD

When walking back to the the van i chewed the remaining marshmallows and spit then everywhere...=x luckily no one saw...~>.<~

Then my uncle drove me, mom and god-uncle to somewhere dunno where dunno out of nowhere to eat lor mee... don't like so eat half dun wan le gib my big-sized uncle...XD

After this go home le... Bro go chalet til fri so god-uncle come my house slp his bed, which is beside me. For your info, we barbercued and fished and crabbed and stuff at the side lane of nicole highway and everyone was looking at us!! Some say romantic, alot people cycling they see almost bang into things. As for me i think we look like a bunch of runaway punks!

7:01:00 AM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Yo!! Nowadays veh boring no mood to post cause alot of classmates hate me because they think I'm bossy... Wadeva lorhhs... They want liddat say I also nth to do...

Aniwaaes todae gonna go catch CRABS AND STUFF to BARBERCUE!! Wee! So excited!! Wakakaka one whole pack of marshmallow all for me!! Woot! ^^~

Maybe will post more about that's all bout' it sweet eh??

2:36:00 PM

Saturday, December 02, 2006
In the world of Happy Feet, a type of penguins, every penguin is born to sing a heartfelt song, except MaMo (I shall call him MoMo). He sounds like a... Well... It seems like his voice is breaking too much and he SCREAMS instead of SING. Also, he can't stand still, as his leg would keep tapping the ground and he would keep moving about.

Why does MoMo have this problem while the other baby penguins doesn't? This is all because of his father. The mothers went fishing during the fishing season while fathers huddle together with the eggs between their feet to brave through the freezing night with icestorms. However, Mamo's dad carelessly dropped the egg and this caused all the problems.

When MoMo was born, He couldn't stand still. His father shouted, "Hey hey hey watch your beak!!" But it was too late. MoMo lost control and *TOOOOOOOOOOT~*!! He poked his father's *toot* lolx...XD

When Momo's parents were fishing overtime, MoMo went to the top (sort of) of the ice island where a little guy could be himself. Then four birds came and wanted to devour him. Fortunately, MoMo caught sight of something yellow attached to the fiercest bird's leg and asked about it. "Aww not again?!" the other three birds said. Then the bird started explaining that he was done by the ALIENS (That's what they call humans, Yeah us.). Just then MoMo fell into a small hole and survived the crisis.

Apparently, MoMo has a crush over the best singer, Gloria. But a penguin has to please a female one with his singing, so MoMo thought that he doesn't stand a chance. During the Graduation Night, all the penguins gathered on a small ice island and sang together. MoMo started singing, or rather, screaming, and the other penguins scolded him. MoMo was depressed and hence spent his whole night on a small, small iceberg.

When MoMo woke up, a giant seal went after him and he was startled. He started escaping and he ended up on land (ice) and the seal was stuck on it. The seal tediously jumped up to devour MoMo but to no avail. This is where MoMo met the four shorty penguins, penguins that need not sing.

MoMo followed them to their "territory" and they were having a competition -- Collecting pebbles. They went to see Lovelard (Or smth liddat lahh!!) who was known to know everything, but one question, one pebble. he has a so-called "sacred tailsman from the gods" around his neck, but it fact it was some rubbish with rings from us human.

When MoMo when to find Lovelard for the 2nd time, Lovelard's 'tailsman' was getting tighter and he was choking. And in order to go back to his own 'territory', MoMo has to find out what has happened to all those disappearing fishes. They climbed over a cliff to where the elephant seals were and reached the human village.

Lovelard was seperated from them and when MoMo and co. found him, he was under a metal thing with a bell on top. Then, two whales came and seemed like wanna have fun and also eat them. Lovelard 'tailsman' was entangled to the bell and MoMo wanted to rescue him. The two wells took both of them as volley balls and hit them here and there. In the end Lovelard's 'tailsman' was torn and detached.

Then, MoMo told the four shorty penguins and Lovelard to take care of his mother and Gloria and tell his father that he had tried his best. With that, MoMo jumped from a veh veh high cliff and Lovelard said :" What are we suppose to tell his parents? We came all the way here to watch him suicide?!?!" And everyone laughed. Lolx... MoMo chased after the ship with LOTS LOTS LOTS AND YES, LOTS OF FISH but someone used a hook and hooked him off.

He was washed ashore and someone sold him to the zoo. MoMo felt lonely. He heard a little girl knock against the glass, and he started tapping his feet to his rythem. Then lots of human went to watch him dance and some even called other ppl to watch and use their phones to tell other ppl.

In the end the zoo attached a radio thingy on his back and released him. MoMo went back and everyone thought that he was dead. Lovelard and co. was with the other penguins too. The Penguin Chief (PC) said that there were no such things as aliens when MoMo said that they, I mean we, were responsible for the dropping of the population of fishes. Gloria told MoMo to turn around and when they saw the radio thing, the PC said that MoMo lead the aliens to invade them. Then, Gloria challenged him, "I thought you said that there were no such things as aliens?" And PC was speechless.

After that a helicopter came and the penguins thought that we came to capture them. Then MoMo started dancing and everybody followed suit, even the PC. Then one of the humans took out a video camera. After taht was a cutscene of us humans debating about saving penguins and civilians go on strike to ban fishing. The five humans from the helicopter came out and danced with the penguins. One of the humans slipped and landed on his @$$. LOLX!!

The movie ended with MoMo dancing and singing together with Gloria.

When we moved out of the cinema, I started tapping my feet. Then when we were going down the stairs, we suggested we slide on our bellies like the penguins!! XD

1:20:00 PM

Thursday went to Mervyn's house to spar weapons again and then went to Marine Parade Kbox...

Hahas... Sing a little bit song niiaz... Suprisingly my mother was the one who sang the least... Wa kao Drank 4 cans of Jolly Shandy (each 0.5% alchohol) and a bottle of Beldugi (Amt of alchohol equivilant to one tiger beer) or smth liddat drink until I drunk... Face red red some more dam hot siia! Reach home almos vomitted...=X Siianz... Nth to sing thinking of her...-.-ll

Aniwaes in the end still sing until very happy... I veh b0liiaoz nth to do so next post will about a movie I watched yesterday, which is Friday, Happy Feet~!!

1:05:00 PM

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Haha todae go parkway work awhile( No pay de HMPHS! ) then go school hand in form.

After that go Mervyn's house play play lohhs. We go there watch him play XBox ( The Godfather ) then I take a toy sword threaten him. Then he ask me to wait then he go storeroom take out the WUSHU SWORD and come fight me!! ~>.<~ Then when i take the sword he take out one big, long Wooden Stick ( Don't think dirty!! ) come fight me. In the end, we went downstairs to the playground to fight. *PING PONG PIANG~!!* until very shuang!! Then we started cutting the grass and flowers... Lolx! Destroying public property AHH~!! ~>.<~

After hours of fun we went back up to play play awhile and it's DINNER TIME! YIPEE!! Wa very funny siia... Everytime go Mervyn's house I never eat breakfast never eat lunch one whole day never eat until a meal at his house is served... LOLX!! XD

Then we played Counter-Strike -- Condition Zero : Deleted Scenes. Used cheats so easy play... After awhile almost 6pm lerrs Mervyn need go jogging at Bedok Reservoir for 8km so we fight one last round. This round Mervyn use sword I use Wooden Rod then we fight until i keep hitting the ceiling. XP Then I too rough my hands too fast instead of hurting Mervyn, my hands moved towards Mervyn then he accidentaly cut my middle finger until bleed... Youch~... Little bit bloog niia... Nvm derrs.=)

Then Mervyn's father drive me home so good! On the way down we met Aunty Magaret ( Mervyn's mom ) then she said I SLIMMED DOWN! LOLX! I WAS SO VERY G0D DAMN HAPPY SIIA!! She said my chin looked sharper...=.=''

Todae go Mervyn's house more like practising weapons...-.-ll Aniwae when i reach home i on com go on msn i forgot Mervyn go jogging I go talk to him in the end is Aunty Magaret reply... We chat chat then I spell her name as Aunty MagEret then in the end she told me to call her Aunty Market...~>.<~ Then we chat until Aunty Magaret accidentaly used the
F(_)CK emoticon( Mervyn put the shortcut as "IT" ) LOLX!!

Then we play checkers and minesweeper I won then Mervyn came back challenge me keep losing then resign... Still say he come back from jogging giddy... EXCUSE! (''\(';..;')/'') RAWR~!!

11:18:00 PM

This year's Dec holiday is the most most most MOST BORING one in my life!! I miss all my fwens... But not a soul misses me...T_T

I today went to Chung Cheng High School Main. Waa... Quite far siia... From the nearest bus-stop to the school need to walk for 15 minutes siia... ZzZ... Nvm... So many people go... I also go lohhs... Don't care la...

After that went to Parkway Parade work at my father's stall... Work for one and a half hours earn $6... ZzZ...=.=''

12:53:00 AM

Friday, November 24, 2006
I thereby announce that Brenda's dar dar is... Sandy from Pr6/7~!! Congratualations!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sandy so sweet still gib Brenda chocolate w0rhhs! HOW COME I DON'T HAVE?!?!~>.<~ XD

12:43:00 AM

Thursday, November 23, 2006
Waa... Today PSLE results come out lerrs... Siianz... I thought I get 220++ lehhs... In the end get 250++!! I can't believe it you know?!?! Somemore I usually so crap in my English and Chinese! How to get those marks? Maybe I cheated without even knowing...XD

Today she cried... I feel like crying also... Still angry with me...T_T She go what school I also want try go...

4:54:00 PM

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hehes... Here's a bonus pic... XD Fraser and Rachel I shall have my revenge! I have exacted vengeance for you two posting my "yellow-paper face" and taking my picture! MUAHAHHAHAHAHA!

4:58:00 PM

Monday, November 20, 2006
Firstly a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Yun Jie!! Yesterday girls go chalet I went to her Birthday party. When i reached all playing Tai-di, then some went to the pool with cups and splashed each other. Suprisingly, my clothes dried up faster then usual but in the end got wet again and again and again and again and again...

We splashed and went to the playground until Mervyn and Hao Zhe came with plastic-bags ( those use for 'da bao' drinks ) for WATER-BOMBING! All fill up then go outside with a drain as a border-line and we start battle. Wa lao dam alot of girls siia.. I got hit once... DAMMIT! In the end boys threw the last bomb Dan Ling haf one last one she DAM CHEAP! JIAN! We no more bombs le she jump over to the other side and chase Mervyn! Poor thing...

When we went back we enjoyed the air-con... Everybody start eating. Suprisingly it seemed like I was the last few ones to eat... DC so sweet to Shi Jing! Automatic take food for her... Other people ask he don't even care... LOLX! Den confession... Blah Blah no one wanna confess...=.=''

After that go playground again climb here climb there blah blah blah... Claire challenged me stay on the bridge while she,DC and Merv jump. Bu Zhi Liang Li...Noob siia... All I scared was that the birdge would break...Then the girls STOLE our plastic bags and hid inside the girl's toilet to fill up... Then we the boys run lorrs. Hao Zhe throw until no more bombs then the girls all CHIIONG ARHHS! Then I already wet so I also CHIIONG and Tammie threw a bomb and hit me straight in the chest! OUCH! In the end I destryoed their "ammo" and Mervyn and Hao Zhe dunno run until where liiaoz... Hmphs... Damn bad siia.

Then another time go play ground Benedict gave me a water-bomb to throw at poor Beverly... I shoot at her she like very pain liddat... The water splashed til Yun Jie's eyes she very angry I go forward see see she pushed me into the bush two times... 1st time ok... 2nd time ALMOST fall and then I swung my wrist and say "Xia Si Wo..."(Scare die me)

Because I destroy the "ammo" the girls very angry and hated me forever...Dam sad... Todae wake up cried...A little la... But a boy cannot cry so much mahhs so "REN"!

After that went to the playground again... Dunno do wad la... Nth to do juz hang out also fun...Betta den at home stare at COM screen dam bad for eyes...XD We played Captain's Ball with

5)Darren Seow,
6)Shanisca's bro(reserve),
7)Ying Ying(Or smth liddat)
8)Dan Ling,
9)Yun Jie(seperated by Merv sobx...T.T),
10)Jian Sheng,
12)Vannessa(A "senior" i THINK is ex-KongHwaiian),
13)Zi Hui
Wa lao I broke my left pinky finger siia... Damn pain...T_T

Then Lena, LQ, Pei Yi and a mystery girl (don't wan reveal her name to me) played MONKEY together with Shanisca's lil' brother...Poor boy... Bullied by so many big girls...

When they say sing B-dae song in the end nvr sing... Become photo-taking session... Mervyn and Yun Jie got a couple photo shot siia...WOOOO... They giving out cakes i was sitting beside Mervyn... 1st cake finish liiao I nvr get... Until they take out 2nd cake then I got to eat smth...>.< We dunnno go playground how many times siia...

Then we started to climb up a ro0f... Luckily security guard nvr see... When I climb up I hit a tile and it flew up the others got scared all jump down... In the end I also nvr go up...=(

Darren Seow really siiao I think he dropped a p4 girl's hamster onto the ground then all angry go GANGBANG him scold him like siiao... Then the girl angry take Nike water-bottle spray DS... Hahas...Serves him right...

DC say want treat us to bubble tea but in the end don't have... He went home while playing Captain's Ball halfway...Most of the ppl left after visiting the playground for the last time. Mervyn so early go... Then in the end left mE, Jian Sheng, Yun Jie, Darren Seow, Dan Ling, Shanisca and her lil' brother. We played Broken Telephone, Simon Says and some other games... When I was Simon I said hug the lampost JS rush and hug the girls don't dare to hug only can hold...LOLX...XD

I chased those people until my slippers spoil siia! Need to walk around and go home barefooted! We went up to Yun Jie's house to open the presents... Mervyn gave Yun Jie a big Teddy Bear!! Wooo~ So sweet!! Then JS and Dan Ling damn sick take another bear make them sex say one is Mervyn and one is Yun Jie. YUCKS!

Dan Ling action action stand in front of the pool play with the water... Then I seized the chance and PUSHED HER DOWN INTO THE POOL! ~*SPLASH!!*~ WOOOHOO! After that I don't dare stand near the water...

Then we went to the opposite end lie on the "grass-like" floor and stare at the sky enjoy one minute of peace. Then we share songs,stories and funny stuff... We walk here walk there throughout the party keep saying "Boy/Girl come I've got something to show you...(The Sexual Education Vid)" and then all laugh... Shanisca's bro dunno wad we toking about...Then he hid my shoes and I almost cannot find it! Grr... (*Mumbles not so nice things*)

After that we sent Yun Jie to her house and Dan Ling take her things and went back, leaving me and JS. JS want go home I asked him accompany me he so good siia... We went to the pool to play with the water and rinse our feet the Security Guard come JS scared. He asked us to go all the way to the opposite side of the pool juz to tell us "Don;t play anymore". Dam crap la. This kind of attitude towards visitors dam fcked up la...

I sent JS outside and I also need go outside wait for my uncle drive van come fetch me then we walked past YJ's house JS called her and asked her to looked down. Then she come then we were like blowing kisses and muack muack muack say take care and stuff. As a friend only la... Mervyn don't jealous ok... You'll have plenty of chances... Not only blow but contact... Hehes... Then I went home barefooted... Sobx...

Ok look. I apologise for bursting all your water bombs girls I didn't thought about it and acted recklessly it's my fault ok? Please forgive me can anot...

11:04:00 PM

Location: Singapore

AnY FaT GuY 0uT ThErE c0uLd bE mE.

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Name : IvaN LoW HeY TreD
Hated for 13 years
School: KonG HwA PriMaRy / ChunG ChenG HigH (Main when inside, Branch when outside)
Class : 1LoYaLTyy
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~True Friends
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~Jeans ~RaiN
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~Gross Greens
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Britains : I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you
in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets
We say : No Stock leh.

Britains: Hello, this is Mr wEE. Did anyone page for me a few
We say : Ehh, who page arh?

Britains: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?
We say : S-kew mE. Siam leh.

Britains: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
We say : I pEh I pEh!!

Britains: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to
through this door?
We say : (pointing the door) Can anot?

Britains : Please make yourself right at home.
We say : Don't shy shy lah!

Britains : I don't recall you giving me the money.
We say : Where got?

Britains : I'd prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.
We say : Don't want lah...

Britains : Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where
coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the
We say : You siao ah?

Britains : Excuse me, but could you please lower your voice, I'm trying
concentrate over here.
We say : Tiam tiam lah!

Britains : Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time..
Do I
know you?
We say : See what see? Fight arh?

Britains : We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
We say : Die lah!!

Britains : Will someone tell me what has just happened?
We say : What happen Why like that....

Britains : This isn't the way to do it here let me show you,
We say : Like that also don't know how to do!!!!

Britains : Would you mind not disturbing me? I'm getting annoyed!!
We say : Kanina wan die isit!!

So what's wrong with our language? Its simple, short, concise, to the
and effective!
Effectiveness is what communication is all about. XD

Give your heart and soul away
Never doubting if it's true
Is there no price that we won't pay
For a simple i love you

After all the pride is gone
Hope has all but fallen through
We can still make ourselves hold on
To a simple i love you

There's a time if love's to say

When no other words will do
And all it takes to clear the way
Is a simple i love you

There's a time if love's to say

When no other words will do
And all it takes to clear the way
Is a simple i love you

When no other words will do
Say a simple

i love you.